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BrandScript Consultation - $250

You’ve read the book (Building a StoryBrand, Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen, by Donald Miller) and have your BrandScript but want to check in with an expert. We’ll talk through what you’ve got … and what you can do with it. 

Discovery Session (required)  - $500

Using the 7-part StoryBrand framework we’ll clarify your message so your customers will listen. Then use that message on all of your marketing materials: tag-line; one-line, elevator pitch, testimonials, sales materials, websites, and emails. 

Testimonials ($250) || Create Tag Line ($500 each) || Create One Liner ($1,000 each) || Clear BrandStory Brand Script (elevator pitch $1,500 each)

Create Sales Material (Letter, Mailing or Script) - $2,000 (each) 

Make sure your sales force is using the same message with a clear sales script. Or send a sales letter or postcard with clear solutions to problems and direct calls to action. 

Wireframe a website (layout and copy) -(scrolling style) - $2,500 (each) 

Your home page should quickly communicate what you offer and how it benefits your customer. Make sure your website is saying the right thing. In the right places.

Website Copy (internal page) - $2,000 (each page) 

Create a Lead Generating PDF - $2,500 (each)

Most people don’t buy on an initial visit to your website. Give them a reason to remember you. A good lead generator will allow you to capture their email address so you can maintain a connection with them so when they are ready to purchase you’ll be the company they come back to. 

Create an Email Nurturing Campaign - $3,000 (5 emails) 

They’ve downloaded your lead generator. Now you need to convert them to a paying customer. That’s where an automated email nurturing campaign comes in. On-ramp them without having to call them every day. 


The Basics ($2,500 Save $500!)

  • Discovery Session
  • Clear BrandStory Brand Script (Elevator Pitch)
  • One-Liner

The Basics Plus ($7,000 Save $500!)

  • The Basics
  • Wireframe website (layout and copy, scrolling style)
  • Sales Letter or Script

Full Sales Funnel ($12,000 Save $1,500!)

  • The Basics Plus
  • Testimonial (2)
  • Lead Generating PDF
  • Email Nurturing Campaign (5 emails

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Are you ready to get serious about  LinkedIn? Get more from LinkedIn with an updated profile and a strategy to use it. (This is not a StoryBrand Item)

Profile Review -- $149.00

Includes a written report and face-to-face meeting to discuss strategies specific to your needs. And one summary edit. 

Summary Creation -- $75.00

The summary is your online introduction. Don't have a summary? Let me create one for you. 

Summary Edit -- $45.00

Is your current summary not having the impact you want? Let me revise it for you and give it the added punch you need to stand out.

Group Profile Review -- $49.00

Have a group of people ready to jump-start their LinkedIn plan? Get them together and  each pay only $49 for a two-hour session just for your small group! Minimum 10 people.


Looking for an interesting, dynamic and informative presentation for your company or group? Whether you need an hour lunch & learn type presentation or looking for something more in-depth, I’ve got you covered.

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