Have you ever looked at your website’s analytics? Do you know what your newspaper (or radio) ads generate for your bottom line?

Crunch the numbers and you might be surprised (and disheartened) to realize how much money you are spending on ineffective marketing.

Brand Script Consultation – You’ve read the book Building a StoryBrand, Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen, by Donald Miller, and have your BrandScript but want to check in with an expert. We’ll talk through what you’ve got … and what you can do with it.
Discovery Session (required)
Using the 7-part StoryBrand framework, we’ll clarify your message. Then use that message on all of your marketing materials. Like your website, social media, and even print ads – anything you do to advertise your business.
Create Sales Material
Make sure your sales force is using the same message with a clear sales script. Or send a sales letter or postcard with clear solutions to problems and direct calls to action.
Wireframe a Website
Your website’s home page should quickly communicate what you offer and how it benefits your customer. Make sure your website is saying the right thing in the right places.
Create a Lead Generating PDF
Most people don’t buy on an initial visit to your website. Give them a reason to remember you. A good lead generator will allow you to capture their email address so you can maintain a connection with them so when they are ready to purchase, they come back.
Create an Email Nurturing Campaign
They’ve downloaded your lead generator. Now you need to convert them to a paying customer. That’s where an automated email nurturing campaign comes in. On-ramp them without having to call them every day.







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