What a few people say about working with Me.

"Diane is so knowledgeable and can tailor your specific needs to improve your Facebook and Linked In traffic. I am so non-technical in these areas and she is an expert and has helped me understand these forms of social media. If you are looking for affordable help in these areas, you should contact Diane at dkSolutions"

Tamra B.

"I took a crash course in LinkedIn with Diane in May 2018. The guidance she provided was easy to execute and lead to immediate results. The Tuesday I took her class, I appeared in 26 searches. On Thursday, that number had gone up to 50. Highly recommend Diane!"

Keri H. 

"For most people (myself included) online marketing can be kind of scary as we try to navigate uncharted waters. Your way of explaining the how to's and what to do's made sense to me and gave me clear direction on how to handle the social media I am currently using more effectively."

Joe S.

"Doing a LinkedIn profile review with Diane helped me get more out of my LI Premium membership. A few minor adjustments to my profile better showcases my skill set. More importantly, I now have a greater understanding of various strategies to be found and to find potential clients effectively and efficiently. I wish I would've met with Diane sooner."

Mandy M.

"I would recommend this training (Online Marketing Strategies) for all businesses, even if you think you knows lots about social media. Excellent tips, great information and good reminders."

Karen T.

"I asked Diane to take a 'quick' look at a post card I was sending and wow! Her quick look transformed it from ordinary to extraordinary. She caught punctuation issues, helped with text placement but most impressive was how she transformed my message from okay to fabulous. Thank you!"

Corey R.