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The Basics ($2,500.00)

·  Discovery Session

· Clear BrandStory Brand Script

· One-Liner

The Basics Plus ($7,000.00)

·  The Basics

· Wireframe website (single page)

· Lead Generating PDF

Full Sales Funnel ($14,000.00)

·  The Basics Plus

· Internal Website Copy (2 pages)

· Email Sales Sequence (5 emails)

Individual Items

• Discovery Session (required) -- $500.00

• Create Tag Line - $500.00 (each)

• Create One Liner - $1,000.00 (each)

• Clear BrandStory Brand Script - $1,500.00 (each)

• Create Elevator Pitch - $1,500.00 (each)

• Create Sales Letter (or Sales Script) that get results - $2,000.00 (each)

• Website Copy (internal page) - $2,000.00 (each page)

• Create a Lead Generating PDF - $2,500.00 (each)

• Wireframe a website (layout and copy) - $2,500.00 (single page)

• Create an Email Nurturing Campaign - $3,000.00 (5 emails)

• Create Sales Letter (or Sales Script) that get results - $2,000.00 (each)

• Website Copy (internal page) - $2,000.00 (each page)

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Are you ready to get serious about  LinkedIn? Get more from LinkedIn with an updated profile and a strategy to use it. (This is not a StoryBrand Item)

Profile Review -- $149.00

Includes a written report and face-to-face meeting to discuss strategies specific to your needs. And one summary edit. 

Summary Creation -- $75.00

The summary is your online introduction. Don't have a summary? Let me create one for you. 

Summary Edit -- $45.00

Is your current summary not having the impact you want? Let me revise it for you and give it the added punch you need to stand out.

Group Profile Review -- $49.00

Have a group of people ready to jump-start their LinkedIn plan? Get them together and  each pay only $49 for a two-hour session just for your small group! Minimum 10 people.


Looking for an interesting, dynamic and informative presentation for your company or group? Whether you need an hour lunch & learn type presentation or looking for something more in-depth, I’ve got you covered.

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