good impression

What do you want your business to be remembered for?

Every time your customer interacts with your business they are making a determination about your business. Is it a good experience or bad?

I was reminded of this the other day when I was cut off in traffic by a local plumber. How did I know it was a local plumber? Because he had his name and phone number all over the van. He gets points for advertising. But he loses those points (plus a few others) for the poor experience the driver created. I will not remember this company in a good way.

Think of every retail interaction you have – restaurant, bank, or the gym to name just a few. What do you remember about the person interacted with? Were they helpful and smiling? Or rude, or dismissive? It makes a difference. A big difference!

It’s the same thing online. Only sharing ads or company specials will irritate and eventually drive your customers (and potential customers) away from your online presence. And perhaps your business altogether.

Your social media channels should educate, entertain, and inspire. It takes a little thought, but the effort can reap tremendous benefits. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Answer questions

What are the five (or ten) most frequently asked questions in your business? Answer one a week or one a month. Then start over and answer it in a different way.

Become a filter

Post articles about your business niche or industry in general. Always include a thought or idea from you. Why do you think the article was good? Or bad. Talk about the one thing that really stood out to you.

Entertain people

Behind-the-scenes photos or funny memes or cartoons. Humor is subjective so don’t go too far overboard. My rule is if I wouldn’t say it to my mom or grandma then I won’t share it online.

Some people would say that anyone who judges a business by such small experiences, is probably not a customer you want anyway. Fine bravado. Problem is – can you afford to lose customers? Even just one? Especially when the fix is small – train your staff properly, post appropriately to social media, and just overall be aware of your reputation.

What do you want your customers to remember about your business? It is up to you to create the experience good or bad!

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