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5 Ways to Generate More Leads

More leads equal more business. More business means more revenue. More revenue means more … whatever you want – cars, freedom, chocolate, or even puppies.

Generating more leads doesn’t have to be expensive. Or complicated. Here are 5 easy ways to get more business.

Customer service.

Good customer service is answering the phone politely or shipping on time. Great customer service is above and beyond service. There are simple ways to take it up a notch. Send a thank you card – randomly. And make it an actual card – one that is sent via the postal service. Go one step further and send a piece of company ‘swag’ – a pen or mug. Include a note that says; “just because we love our customers!” These take a little thought and a bit more time but your business will reap the rewards.


Everything you send to your customers – packing slip, invoice, business cards, everything – should include your logo and company tag line or motto. There’s a reason teacher’s use repetition to teach. The human brain is full of a lot of stuff so we need to see something again and again before it sticks. Make sure they see your company logo and tagline every place they can.


Promotional materials isn’ just “swag” like pens or mugs. Think bigger and more long-term like tip sheets or best practices for your product. Don’t be afraid to give your “secrets” away. People don’t have the time or knowledge to replicate what you do so giving away your “secrets” won’t hurt your bottom line. A great lead generator is a pdf or video on your website that people will want to download – giving your business their contact info in exchange.

Know your audience.

You have to know who your target audience is before you can sell to them. If you’re still saying “everyone needs my product” it’s beyond time to narrow it down. Start with your current client list. Create a sheet with a list of your top 5 clients. They can be your top 5 for whatever reason you deem important – they spend the most money, you enjoy their company, they have cute kids – this is your list.

Start by writing down everything you know about them: age, gender, what car they drive, social media platforms, where they live, kids/no kids, married/not married, pets, why they bought your product (problem), etc. then circle all the things they have in common. Now you’ve got a customer persona and a key piece of your marketing plan.


Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said; “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”  Or if you don’t know where you want to go, you’ll never get there. The plan doesn’t have to be complicated. Start by answering the 5 W’s:

  • Who is your target market? Start with the exercise in #4.
  • What do they want from you (what problem do you solve?)
  • When will they be buying? Is yours a seasonal product/service?
  • Where do they find you? Online, local, advertising, etc.
  • Why should they buy from you? This ties back to the what – give them a compelling reason to work with you.

Doing even a few of these will bring more leads. And more leads bring more opportunity to do business. More opportunities to do business means your business thrives.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level with clear strategy, a more effective website or clarified messaging, schedule a meeting and let’s talk how you can grow your business.

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