marketing that hurts your small business

When Marketing Hurts Your Small Business

marketing that hurts your small business What to do when marketing hurts your small business? Here are 3 marketing techniques that can actually halt your business growth. None of them are ‘rocket science’ but they can be easy to overlook.

When you aren’t doing any marketing.

This falls under the “d’oh” category, but it needs to be said. If you’re not doing any marketing, then you’ve got a problem. Relying on word of mouth or referrals are good side strategies but only relying on past clients for your business means there will be dry spells. A fuller marketing plan – even a simple one – will help you fill in during the droughts.

When it’s unclear.

There’s a reason your website should be designed at a fourth grade reading level. Not because people are stupid but because they have too much to read, think about and take in every day. You have 10 seconds (or less) to hook your website visitors. That’s about the same time you have with all your marketing from business cards to email. Don’t make your customer have to think too hard on why they should do business with you.

When it contradicts.

This feels like another “d’oh” category but it’s amazing how many times business information doesn’t match. For example, the hours on the website say 8-5 but their Facebook page says 10-6. Or the street address on your business card doesn’t match your website. Or there’s no phone number … anywhere. Very frustrating. Frustrated customers are unhappy customers. Unhappy customers will go to another business. Don’t give up your customers so easily.

People see over 3000 commercial messages every day so these small missteps can make a difference. Your customers brain isn’t going to waste energy deciphering your marketing. It’ll default too whatever is easiest to understand. Make sure your small business message is clear and understandable.

Don’t let these marketing mistakes hurt your small business. They are easy and inexpensive to fix. Contact me if you’d like some help. And you’re always welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn.

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